3D design and modelling software

3D modelling and design

When a creation changes from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions, it is subject to space and light.
For Gravotech, this modelling and sculpture stage requires good knowledge of the tools used to produce these creations and enter them into effective 3D CADCAM software to construction a real business solution.

3D design is a sector as extensive as engraving because it exists in all industries where there is a need for design. Therefore, the 3D CADCAM software is augmented but you will find that Gravotech solutions link the artistic with manufacturing.

Real time rendering previews your designs so you can make a choice.

3D modelling or design?

There are various methods:

For additive or subtractive manufacturing?

Here are some examples of the application of our 3D modelling and sculpting solutions:

3D ring rendering Fashion accessory: 3D engraving button
3D dragon modeling
Food molds designed in 3D
3D jewellery design
For 3D printing, the creation of technical drawings and cost reports and communicative visuals, etc.
Fashion accessories
For 3D printing, the creation of stamping or mould engraving tools
Object decoration and design
3D printing or engraving
Food moulds
Logo and text added on a tyre in 3D with Catia Retopology: from a 3D scan reconstruction of medal in 3D Carved wooden panel in 3D - relief  
Addition of images, logos and text on the models created in CATIA from Dassault Systèmes Retopology :
design of a bas-relief from a 3D scan
Signage, textures and bas-reliefs  
Ready to add a third dimension to your projects?