Personalised corporate gifts

Personalised corporate gifts


Custom football jersey, sneakers decorated with your name, photos engraved on your mobile phone... in this holiday season, custom products successfully invest our stores and online sales sites, to the delight of consumers. These personalised gifts are also popular in the business world to truly engage customers. Find out in this special issue the benefits of personalised gifts and laser technology and get inspired with our selection of business gifts !

Glass engraving Why offer personalised business gifts?

Given as a thank-you present or to retain a customer, the business gift is a real marketing tool within the reach of every business.


By adapting this gift to fit the personality of the person to whom it is intended, the company stands out from its competitors and creates direct contact with the recipient. This personal touch brings him a mark of recognition while sparking more interest than the generic gift. Personalisation gives the company an opportunity to show care and genuine appreciation for the customer. Thus, personalised business gifts are more valuable, and have more impact with their target.

Personalised business gifts are also a good tool to promote and develop a brand image. These personalised gifts are more likely to be saved by the customer and kept in a visible space for future reference. Engraving makes each object unique; it is synonymous with quality, charm and aesthetics.

The advantages of laser technology :

Choosing laser means more flexibility. This technology gives you a wide range of materials of different hardness such as wood, aluminium, leather, acrylic and many more. The laser also offers precise engraving depth and a range of different finishes by varying the power and speed machine parameters regardless of the material you engrave, giving you total control. The higher the power, the higher the engraving will be profound. Laser technology also improves the engraving and cutting speed which is an advantage to medium and large series production time.

  Business gift engraving

Our ideas of business gifts to customise

Many products are laser engravable. You can engrave these objects with the name of a company, a logo, initials, or the recipients name, you can even engrave a handwritten dedication.


Traditional: Among the business gift classics, the personalised prestige pen remains inescapable and fits perfectly into everyday life. In the same spirit, key rings and leather or metal business card holders marked with a personal touch are also effective.

By also offering leather goods & luggage marked with the name of your client or personalized to the recipients name, you are contributing to the enhancement of its image. Luggage tags, handbag hooks, wallets, hard plastic mobile phone cases, leather diaries, and briefcases, those noble items all provide high quality images when marked with a laser.


Gourmet: Treat your customers and partners by offering them gourmet boxes, bottles of champagne or custom spirit bottles. The laser can engrave glass bottles, wooden boxes, but also related items such as a corkscrew, wine decanter, wine glasses, bottle opener, and more.


High-tech: High Tech corporate gifts offer an original and trendy scope. These gifts can include smartphone cover, USB hub, wireless audio amplifier, card holder for smartphone, backup battery, connected pedometer, and more. These prominent laser customisable items boost the companys image.


Amazing gifts: Go further and make your partner live an amazing experience with items such as roses with engraved petals, chocolates moulded with the company logo, personalized cigars with the recipients initials, and more.

  Personalisation solutions

Our dedicated solutions and accessories:

The choice of the most suitable laser solution will depend on the size of the object to be marked,  the material to engrave (plastics, wood, glass, metals and leather, etc.) and the type of production (in series or individually).The laser power is also a criterion of choice particularly for cutting applications.


Moreover, some accessories simplify your object's engraving:

Whatever your application, Gravotech helps you choose the right solution