Laser beam

Engraving, marking and laser cutting

Gravotech lasers are widely used in industrial and non-industrial activities for marking, engraving, embellishing and cutting any material, from plastic to metal, to ceramic, to organic materials, etc.
The mastery of different laser sources (Fibre, CO2 and Green) allows us to meet all identification, traceability, personalisation and signage needs with an extensive range of standard and customised laser machines.

What is the laser process?

The laser source* generates a powerful and precise beam of light able to heat and evaporate the material and its focus point.

The laser machine is a great tool for improving your productivity, your brand image and offers infinite creativity.

* Deinition: English acronym "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". By extension: device emitting a very powerful beam based on the laser effect.

Gravotech's laser solutions

Integrable laser marking machine Gantry X-Y laser Table Laser marking: CAD software LASERTYPE
Identification and traceability Signage and personalisation 2D-3D laser software

The marking outcome depends principally on the laser wavelength selected and the interaction time (pulse time) between the beam and the material.

With the most comprehensive offer on the market, Gravotech offers you the most suitable solution in terms of machines, software and engraving materials:

In 2015 Gravotech celebrated 20 years' experience in laser technology worldwide!

Gravotech laser leaflet

Application sectors:

Gravotech works with the most recognised manufacturers and parts manufacturers in the automobile, precision mechanics, medical, aeronautics, jewellery and watchmaking, electrical industry, electronics, tooling, oil and gas, sectors and with professional engravers, etc.

Laser fibre marking datamatrix Green laser: traceability marking on plastic with the electronic part Laser engraving in black and yellow YAG laser identification barcode
Fibre laser marking on metals Traceability on plastics and sensitive materials using the green laser Laser engraving through layer removal Identification using the YAG laser on soft materials
Laser CO2 cutting wood material Laser personalisation on denim fabric Laser engraving and cutting Deep laser marking on metal
CO2 laser cutting of organic materials Personalisation on any material Engraving and cutting of plates, acrylics and signs, etc Deep engraving


Metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber, organic materials such as leather, wood and fabric, etc. Gravotech can help you choose the best solution for your application!