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Gravotech is the major player for 80 years into the permanent marking and engraving market.

A complete offer, from machines and services to consumables, allows Gravotech to provide its customers the right solutions for both their short and long-term projects supplying quality products.

With a dedicated team & tools, Gravotech provides a strong support to its partners to grow together.

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Gravotech has developed strong partnerships over the years in order to supply and support its customers worldwide.

Today with a global presence in more than 77 countries Gravotech is proud to work close with all its customers.

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By joining Gravotech Network you can:

  • Enhance your offering both for your existing and new customers.
  • Reach out new markets and enlarge the scope of your business.
  • Drive your performance through Gravotech Partnership Program.
  • Benefit the best practices and knowledge of the Gravotech Network all around the world.
  • Get a Strong Marketing, Sales and Technical support from Gravotech HQ to support you into your business development.
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What our partners say about Gravotech


Ana Martínez and Javier Tajadura

Owners of Técnicas del Grabado S.A, Spain

"Our company, Técnicas del Grabado S.A., has been a Gravotech partner since 1963.

Since the first founders, our grandparents Antonio and Maruja, three generations have been part of this project. Gravotech has always treated us as part of the family and our relationship with the group goes beyond the purely professional.

Gravotech is formed by a great human team that supports us in everything we need, that strives to offer us the best products and services and that gives us confidence to face the future."



Melco Instrumentation (PTY) LTD, South Africa

"Melco Instrumentation is the proud distributor of all Gravotech products in Southern Africa. Our first machine sold goes back 5 decades and some of the machines sold then, are still in use!

The quality of the products as well as the customer services is second to none. Gravotech products have proven themselves robust even under the harsh African conditions. Through hard work and the dedicated assistance from France we have been able to develop a loyal following.

With the new dawn breaking we are excited about the road forward…"

Distributor Hungary

Krisztina Kaczur

Executive Director from Gravotrade Kft. in Budapest, Hungary

"Gravotech equipment ensures precision, efficiency and productivity for users. Thanks to a wide range of products, we can serve all markets. Highly qualified professionals help us in our daily work on the Hungarian market. 

We are proud to be able to represent the company and in the course of our work we strive to make the professional products of the Gravotech factory reach as many places as possible."

Distributor - Brazil

Juliano Moura

Business and Commercial Manager of Gravomark in São Paulo, Brazil

"We are one of the youngest partners in the world, even though, our experience and know-how, made us achieve goals throughout national territory. GravoMark has been conquering the customer's truth, who are looking for the best results, the best solutions and the best quality. 

Our goals are being achieved with a well-executed job. The world passed trough a difficult period caused by the covid-19 pandemic, and this positive result was possible because we have a successful team, essential professionals support and by all of Gravotech’s updated portfolio".


Cristian Cano and Rodrigo Valdés Torres

Owners of Gravotech LTDA, Chili

“Gravotech LTDA was born as an official partner in mid-2015, together with the management of 2 people who have dedicated more than 20 years of their knowledge in the sale and technical support of Gravograph and Technifor equipment, today known as Gravotech.

In front of us, all the evolution of mechanical, laser and software technologies has passed since the beginning of the Vanguard computerized line and the software in the DOS Opensys environment, to the current CO2, FIBER, Green and Hybrid lasers and the different levels of the Gravostyle Software 8.

We thank Gravotech for having trusted us, who despite being a growing company, have given us the tremendous responsibility of its distribution, for which we have shown that they have not been wrong.

The constancy, dedication and closeness to our clients position and guarantee us as a leading company in the field of engraving in our country.”


Sun Jong-Yong

General manager of Taechu Engineering Company, South Korea

"We developed a great partnership with Gravotech and their dedication to our business is evident in all aspects.

Gravotech's products were strategically appropriate for the high-end market and this business is growing bigger and bigger.

We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our market in Korea."