Our global expertise

Our global expertise

Gravotech is everywhere: 70+ countries and 170+ distributors!
Gravotech Global network

Our Global Network

Your satisfaction and the service continuity of your operations are our first priorities. We therefore focus the development of our service offer to secure and maximise your use of our solutions.

As your needs may differ, depending whether you are in manufacturing, leading the network of retail shops of a famous brand or an independent entrepreneur expert in your activity. We make every effort to adapt our service levels and benefits to your expectations

We have created international repair and technical hubs to gather all the technical skills and competencies together. This allows us to:  

  • Secure quick repairs in compliance with our group quality standards
  • Offer hotline technical support with extended business hours
  • Ensure the availability of backup machines in case yours becomes unavailable.  
  • Ship spare parts within Day+1 lead time.  
  • Give you access to experts trained on your applications.  

In addition, our Gravotech engineers and those of our partner distributors are present in more than 70 countries to bring the necessary on-site support to the use of our solutions.

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Our global presence

Gravotech global presence

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