Gravotech - Express Engraver

Express engraving and personalisation

Local engraving shops, boost your business by offering personalisation services: use a Gravotech machine to engrave pet tags, small signage and various items.

Multi-service engraving, best described as the ability to engrave anything at anytime, is one of the most challenging engraving applications. It requires equipment able to engrave items of all shape or form and in any material at the click of a button.

Applications are incredibly varied: rubber stamps, signage, pet tags, trophies, tankards, badges, glasses, giftware... the list is endless.

And this is where Gravotech systems excel: our multipurpose engraving solutions include machine, software, accessories, consumables and expert support.  All designed with ease of use in mind. All used by the biggest names on the high street and in the industry.

All fully adaptable and upgradeable, so you never miss out on the latest personalisation trend.

Gravotech systems have become a familiar sight on the high street, thanks to companies such as Timpson having equipped the majority of their branches (well over 1,000 outlets today) with IS200 and M20 rotary engravers. Reliability, versatility and ease of use best describe those systems.  

The innovations brought by Gravotech compact LS100-series engravers have transformed laser engravers into highly versatile systems perfectly suited to the specific demands of multi-service engraving. 

Whatever the job, done in no time.

Choose the right desktop engraver

Small rotary engraving machine ideal for shop environement

Gravotech are compact, quiet and easy to use. Designed for both front and back of the store use, they will keep their environment tidy and can cope with dusty workshop conditions. They are of course 100% safe to use, therefore ideal for consumer facing environments.  They can engrave and personalise most material, from metal to plastic and organic material, opening the door to endless possibilities. 

Other personalisation technologies exist, such as printing, but none can match the durability, elegance and quality feel of engraving.

See our express desktop engravers.

Decorative item : cutting and engraving

While-u-wait engraving offers a unique service to customers, able to specify their exact requirements and receive qualified advice - as well as walk off with engraved item without any delay. Engraving also drives product sales up as it creates unique added value and a true differentiating factor.

In addition... personalised items cannot legally be returned (unless of course the item is faulty) - a welcome contribution to decreasing the volume of refunds given to customers changing their mind after making a purchase. A fact worth knowing bearing in mind that up to a third of all retail purchases are subsequently returned.

Different items personalized with the same machine

As well as driving sales up and returns / refunds down, engraving is also high margin activity driving profits up. Return on investment is easy to calculate when comparing generated income to ownership costs using weekly leasing as a benchmark. 

Most Gravotech compact systems are available on leasing for weekly repayments inferior to the profit generated by engraving five pet tags and three keyrings a week. 

Engraving also allows to extend your range of products to match market trends, for example by offering vapes or electronic cigarettes personalisation.

Discover Gravotech express small engraving machines

Our compact laser engraving machines are incredibly versatile, providing the flexibility to engrave on a vast range of materials ranging from metal, plastics, glass, wood, rubber, card and many more. They are also extremely easy to use thanks to a range of built-in assistants: automatic item height detection, red pointer positioning, interactive machine-user step by step assist and more. Lasering made easy.

Our latest range of rotary machines have been designed with multi-purpose engraving in mind. Put simply, there is very little they cannot do - and are similarly easy to use. From compact desktop systems to large format and with a wide range of upgrade accessories, as well as financing options if required, there is a Gravotech system for you.

    There is more to engraving than just a machine. The critical importance of having a purpose-designed, easy to use engraving software is often underestimated. Not by Gravotech. 
    We develop and support our own software, with constant emphasis on meeting our customers' needs. Choose ABC software for ease of use or Gravostyle for the ultimate professional engraving software.

    Engraving laminates and metals, cutting tools, diamonds, machine accessories, signage, pet tags, door plates, labels, badges... Gravotech offer a comprehensive range of consumables for all engraving applications.  Any specific requirements? We supply laminates and metals cut to any size and shape, create laminates in any requested colour and manufacture bespoke clamping fixturing.  Whatever your needs, we can help.