Gravotech dot peen marking machine marking a Datamatrix code

XF530 p/m

XF530 p/m, dot-peen machine for deep engraving
This dot peen machine creates durable tamper-proof marks on any metal. This is the perfect industrial marking solution to identify parts that will withstand harsh conditions, direct marking before part processing and for anti-counterfeiting markings.
  • Dot peen machine for deep engraving
    With up to 0.5 mm depth, the XF530 dot peen machine is the only deep engraving solution able to reach this level of depth in such a short cycle time. The marking results are clear and resistant to weather conditions, contaminants, rust and guaranteed long term readability. It's also the best marking tool to perform a direct marking before part processing, painting or surface treatment.
  • Marking machine for large characters
    The XF530 dot peen machine benefits from a large marking area of 200X80 mm adapted for large character engraving (more than 10mm height) for easy readability from a long distance or in outdoor locations. This dot peen marking machine is the perfect marking tool for the oil & gas market and building industries.
  • Robust and durable marking tool
    This industrial marking solution in pneumatic or electromagnetic version is made of high-quality and high-performance components. Its proven design has been improved during decades to obtain exceptional durability and reliability, especially in the most demanding applications. The XF530 dot peen machine is the guarantee to have durable tamper-proof marks on all materials with a reduced cost of ownership.


Technical Specifications

The XF530 marking machine exists in two versions
Pneumatic dot peen (p) - Requiring compressed air
Electromagnetic dot peen (e) - Electric version

High-performance styluses
Specific Carbide material is used for the stylus tip allowing mark on all type of metal and giving long durability.

XCOM controller
A colour touchscreen

It pilots your marking head and the use and management of your markings.
No need for PC, all you need is at your fingertips.

The most communicative control unit on the market
RS232 ports, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, 8 input/4 output for easy integration into all production lines.

Different usable fonts
Continuous line and dot by dot depending on the chosen version.


Pneumatic dot peen
Electromagnetic dot peen

Ideal for:
Deep engraving
Large marking
Direct marking

Marking Capacity

Marking area (l x w)
200 mm (7.9 in) x 50 mm (2 in)
Material hardness (HRC)

XF530p XF530m






Dimensions (L x W x H)

343 mm (13.504 in) x 170 mm (6.693 in) x 221 mm (8.7 in)

343 mm (13.504 in) x 170 mm (6.693 in) x 221 mm (8.7 in)

Marking area

200 mm (7.874 in) x 50 mm (1.968 in)

200 mm (7.874 in) x 50 mm (1.968 in)

Machine weight

13.5 kg (29.762 lbs)

13.5 kg (29.762 lbs)

Communication Interfaces

RJ45, USB(x2), RS232, 8I/4O, Process IO

RJ45, USB(x2), RS232, 8I/4O, Process IO

Fieldbus (option)

Profinet, Ethernet IP

Profinet, Ethernet IP

Embedded fonts type




7" color touchscreen

7" color touchscreen

Operating Temperature

5° to 45° (41 to 113 F)

5° to 45° (41 to 113 F)

Available languages



2D Codes

Datamatrix, QR Codes

Datamatrix, QR Codes

Power consumption rate

140 VA

260 VA

Input voltage

100 - 240 V AC

100 - 240 V AC

Compressed air supply

5 - 7 bar

XF530 are mobile dot peen marking machine

Our range of dot peen marking machines is easily transformable into a mobile solution for large parts and parts that cannot be dismantled direct marking, on fixed stations or scrolling vehicle lines. A pair of large handles for easy positioning is available.

With a standard or customisable foot, the machine is always firmly positioned on the part.

2 rings at the top that can be connected as a balancer making easy operator work, suppress troubles related to heavy handling and to integrate into pipeline marking.

Dot peen marking for identification on production line

Our pneumatic dot peen marking machines are the best to mark humanly readable text at a very short cycle time.

Compressed air offers exceptional performance for vectorial markings. The stylus pin vibrates at high frequency, meeting the highest speed requirements in industrial sectors.

A pneumatic dot peen marking tool is also the preferred solution to create direct marking before part processing, painting of surface treatments. The width of the line is large enough to remain legible even after a wide layer has been applied.

direct part marking of 2D Datamatrix code with the XF510m

The electromagnetic dot peen marking machines are more suitable for applications needing great precision and consistency.

It is perfect to create durable tamper-proof marks 2D codes.

The electromagnetic industrial marking solution has the highest amplitude, allowing to absorb a height difference of 7 mm, making it the preferred solution for curved parts.

This industrial marking solution can handle 15+ materials

PMMA, Acrylic
Anodized Aluminum​​
Coated metal
Gold, silver, nickel, platinum
Stainless steel​​
= Marking / Etching
= Engraving / Deep marking

Associated Products

XF530: Technifor first deep marking machine

The XF530 allowed Technifor to reach heavy industries

The XF530 is one of the latest Technifor products and is available with both pneumatic and electromagnetic technology. This dot peen machine was originally designed as a portable machine for deep marking in heavy industries such as oil & gas, aeronautics, and construction. Voluminous parts such as pipes, frames and metallic beams could then be identified without being moved.

With the XF530 Technifor was able to reach the heavy industry market and reinforce its leading position as a worldwide marking machine manufacturer. Today, Gravotech perpetuates what Technifor started by providing all industries with appropriate traceability solutions regardless of the part to be marked.

XF530 - Technifor