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Jewellery personalisation and engraving

Discover Gravotech's systems for the jewellery trade

Personalisation has always been and remains an integral part of jewellery making. Gravotech engraving systems open endless personalisation possibilities, from beautifully engraved text, symbols and logos to photos, handwriting and even fingerprints.  

Our range of in-store equipment, designed for while-u-wait personalisation, has proven to significantly increase sales by creating a unique and immersive consumer experience.  

We also offer personalisation equipment designed for E-commerce, able to automatically retrieve and engrave data entered by your customers on your website.

Aesthetics and precision are key to jewellery engraving.  Rings, pendants, medals, watches, bracelets and other jewels can easily be personalised and transformed into unique gifts. 

Gravotech technologies cover all jewellery applications from cutting to engraving of precious metals as well as plastic and organic material.   

Mechanical (also known as rotary) engraving machines produce a finish very close to the skilled hand engraving traditionally associated with jewellery, whereas laser systems enable incredibly fine and precise marking.  

Why choose Gravotech jewellery engraving machine?

jewelry engraving machine - Gravotech

Gravotech offer both Laser and Mechanical technologies, allowing you to choose the right system for your requirements.  Mechanical for a traditional 'engraved' finish, Laser for precision marking and fine details - with both technologies able to cut precious metals. 

Thanks to a long experience and many accessories available for our systems, we will have a solution for you. Unsure as to which technology is right for you? We can create samples for you and organise a demonstration, so you can choose what kind of jewellery engraving machine suits you the best: small jewellery engraving machine, or jewellery laser engraver.

engrave inside of ring with welase jewelry laser engraving machine

Our range of software makes jewellery personalisation both intuitive and easy, with the added benefit of being compatible with either Laser and Mechanical technology. 

In addition, Gravotech engraving systems feature intelligent red pointers allowing virtual positioning of the design onto the jewellery piece as well as visual simulation of the engraving. No guess-work involved.

ABC Software for jewellery engraving

Whatever your requirement, we have a solution. Our range of compact and elegant systems driven by wireless tablets are designed to be used in consumer-facing retail environments. Visit most flagship stores across the world and you are likely to find Gravotech systems in operation.

Our range of productivity engraving equipment meet high volume production needs, often working 24/7 in peak trading season with automated data import to limit operators' input. The same systems can also be used for prototyping and bespoke engraving.

Discover Gravotech’s solutions

Galvanometric lasers are the fastest technology for jewellery personalisation. With a laser beam size of less than 50µm, incredible detail can be achieved - at the speed of light. A permanent and elegant mark is created in a matter of seconds, without any material being removed. 

Gravotech offer a range of laser technologies to meet any requirement: Fibre, Hybrid, Green and CO2. This choice of technologies enables the perfect result whatever the application. 

Laser engraving is non-contact operation, therefore not requiring the item to be clamped. As well as greatly increasing productivity, it also allows the engraving of any size or shape item, including the most delicate.

Gravotech has been developing innovative mechanical engravers for over 80 years.  

Rotary technology allows to either create a fine and precise mark using a diamond tool or engrave in depth and cut out using a carbide cutting tool. With a mechanical precision of 0.1mm and a vibration-absorbing structure, our systems produce engraving of the highest quality. 

Ease of use is at the forefront of our equipment design, with features such as automatic engraving depth adjustment, red pointer simulation, engraving settings library and more.  

As your needs develop, add accessories to your machine for the engraving of ring and bangle, pens and other cylindrical items and more.

Our comprehensive range of software meets our customers' requirements.  

With its simplified interface, ABC software allows anyone to engrave with minimum training. 

Gravotouch allows the creation of a catalogue of products for users to select on a tablet the image of the item to personalise and follow step by step instructions. No training required, even your customers can use it. 

Gravostyle is a full feature software for all possible engraving applications: photo engraving, logo editing, handwriting, 3D engraving and more. It can also be linked to your website to retrieve information entered by your customers.

Gravotech offers a large range of cutting tools and accessories for all applications and requirements.