The G-Eye on the M20, a camera that can visualise the engraving on the product.


G-Eye: A camera assist to make engraving easy and fun

G-Eye is the perfect tool to create unique designs on any flat surface (pendants, flat bracelets, pens). Connected to the machine, it allows to visualise the engraving directly on the product. You can then quickly and accurately position and reposition your engraving anywhere on the part.

  • Easy positioning
    Thanks to the image preview, you can place the engraving exactly where you want it to be. Setting up the marking area manually is not needed anymore, the product is directly visible for you to start designing on it
  • Error proof
    In a blink of an eye, you can see how and where the engraving is positioned on the product, and you are able to create on it freely before starting the engraving process. Thanks to the camera, engraving mistakes are avoided, the engraving is always where you placed it on the preview.
  • A precise camera
    With the image of the marking area, you can easily design on objects with a complex and irregular shape. Add more details to your engraving and offer your customers a unique piece.


This camera is M20v3 and WeLase™ compatible. If you already have a M20 or a WeLase™, the G-Eye kit can be easily installed and connected to your computer by USB.

A clear picture of the marking area is taken thanks to the high resolution of the camera (8MP), allowing the virtual positioning of the engraving on the area.

This camera is compatible with ABC and Gravostyle.

Connection to computer USB to your computer or directly integrated into the machine
Camera resolution 8 megapixels
Machine compatibility M20v3 and WeLase™