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Sign maker / engraver : how to diversify your rotary machine use?

Discover other applications, such as product identification & personalization, and utilize the full potential of your sign engraving machine

With an M20 or M40 mechanical engraver, or a CNC table such as the ISx000 or IS400, you have a machine capable of producing a wide range of signage. To diversify your activity and increase your sales, you can also consider other engraving businesses. But do you really know all the possible uses for your mechanical sign engraving machine?

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Everything your sign engraver can do

Before we start talking about new engraving businesses, let's take a look at what you can do with a mechanical engraving machine as a sign maker. Depending on the size of your engraver, the products you can offer are already very diverse:

  • nameplates and signage for mailboxes or apartments inmultifamily housing;
  • directional signs, door signs and room numbers in hotels;
  • informational signs complying with safety standards, for emergency exits, fire-fighting equipment and identification of pipes and electrical circuits to be used for wayfinding & identification;
  • cutting of large letters and panels, or weatherproof and UV-resistant plates and labels for outdoor signage;
  • ADA braille signs  to meet accessibility needs & requirements.

Discover new market segments for your sign engraving machine

Engraving on pens

Do you have an M10, M20 or M40?

Expand your business with customization.

With small mechanical engravers such as the M range (M10, M20 or M40), it is often easiest to offer personalized products and gift items:

  • Metal-bodied pens,
  • mugs and flasks in anodized aluminum,
  • card holders, USB keys.

Personalization is relatively easy  engravin business to implement. Choose simple objects to engrave and turn them into personalized gifts.


Good to know: Personalized objects sell for 4 to 10 times more than their retail price! A good way to increase your profits and ensure the long-term future of your business.

Knife engraving with WeLase

To find out more...

Explore a laser marking machine!

Beware: the ability of mechanical engravers mark products may be limited when productivity and competitiveness areat stake.

In this case, you can opt for a laser engraver from the LS range or a Welase, which offers a number of advantages:

  • greater productivity with laser engraving, the object to be personalized does not need to be fixed, which saves time compared to mechanical engraving;
  • a wider range of compatible materials and objects in addition to metal and plastic, the laser can engrave organic materials such as leather, glass, cork, wood and paper.
Grow your business by offering custom engraved items

Review our Ebook on engraving personalized products


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Do you have an IS200, IS400 or ISx000?

Turn to the industrial market.

With larger format engraving machines such as the IS6000, IS7000 or IS8000 tables, you can consider industrial applications that cannot be achieved with a laser machine, for example:

  • cutting and engraving of metal identification plates (with serial numbers) or CE plates;
  • creation of front panels for industrial machines or technical synoptics;
  •  machining of metal parts for prototypes or small production runs.

Whether for signage, industrial applications or product personalization, there are many ways to diversify your activities with a sign engraving machine. These examples give you a good idea of the different avenues to explore.

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