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Laser tables lenses

The laser lens is the essential optical element of your laser table
laser table lens close up
Machine compatibility
Designed for: LS100, LS100EX, LS900 and LS1000XP
Adapted For
Precision engraving, large and smooth engraving, high thickness cutting, productivity enhancement...
Available focal length
From 1.5" to 4.0" focal lengths
Multiple lenses for various applications. Whether you're looking for sharpness, precision or efficiency, there's a lens to suit your needs.
  • A laser lens with a short focal length will provide a more concentrated spot, ideal for engraving precise details or cutting thin materials. The 1.5" lens is therefore ideal for precision engraving.
  • Conversely, a longer focal length lens produces a wider spot and better penetration into the material, which is more effective for cutting thicker materials such as wood or acrylic.The 4.0" lens is specially recommended for these challenging cutting applications.
  • Lenses with Intermediate focal length lenses offer interesting focus tolerances, suitable for a wide range of materials. It's an ideal compromise between engraving accuracy and cutting precision. The 2.0" lens is a perfect in-between, dedicated to applications requiring engraving and cutting of Gravoply™, for example.


Calibrated machine, optimised focal length
Precise calibration each time the laser lens is changed enables the focal distance between the lens and the material to be engraved to be adjusted. This step is essential for perfect engraving and cutting results.


laser lens guide - mockup

Discover how laser lenses work and their technical properties in our expert guide!

How do I choose my focal lens?

Explore our wide range of laser lenses and find the focal lengths available for your machine:


Machine model

1.5" 2.0" 2.5" 3.0" 3.5" 4.0"
CO2  lasers LS100 Ref.47082 Ref.47200 Ref.62916 - Ref.27381 Ref.27382
LS900 Ref.29257 Ref.27377 Ref.27379 - Ref.27381 Ref.27382
LS1000XP - Ref.76030 - - Ref.75228 Ref.75227
FIBER lasers LS100EX - Ref.69850 - Ref.71684 - -
LS900 - Ref.78609 - Ref.83451 - Ref.78733
EDGE lasers LS900 - - - Ref.81059 - -

 (Green references indicate the lenses supplied with the machine.) 

Lens cleaning kit

This kit contains everything you need to clean your laser lenses.

Ref. 26327

Standard lens included with your machine

With each laser engraving and cutting machine, we supply a laser lens, with a focal length of 2" for CO2 laser sources and 3" for Fiber laser sources.

Lens cleaning kit

Routine Cleaning, consitent quality

Focal lenses are sensitive to dust and particles. Regular cleaning keeps your laser machine at peak performance.

Dust from engraving and cutting can be deposited on the lens, reducing its efficiency. This results in a loss of power or less sharp engravings. To protect your lenses and prolong their life, we recommend cleaning them daily or weekly, depending on how often you use your laser machine.

The laser lens cleaning kit includes : The lens cleaner, lint-free cotton buds and dry wipes.

During cleaning, never touch the lens with bare fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints.

  • To clean your laser lens, start by gently blowing air to remove any tiny dust particles.
  • Then apply one or two drops of lens cleaner and rub gently in a circular pattern using cotton buds or dry wipes.
  • Rub in circles from the center to the outside, to avoid moving dirt to the center of the lens.

A scratched or burnt lens no longer performs its function properly and considerably reduces engraving quality. That's why it's important to replace it if you notice this kind of damage. Cleaning involves removing the lens from the laser machine, so this is the ideal time to check for any such damage.

Order this kit directly from your local sales contact by requesting part number 26327.